Volunteers needed to facilitate our Leadership Development Academy for our September – October Session. Facilitators will help develop instructions, guidelines and the curriculum to ensure a successful facilitated program. We do require for you to integrate the subject with passion. This volunteer opportunity will help you demonstrate your skills or provide self-growth at the same time you impact lives in a positive direction. Women in Transition appreciate your time and dedication therefore acknowledges your commitment with a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of the session.

The Leadership Development Academy is a 20 day training program designed to help women transition from painstaking life interruptions to employment. It requires that women, at their own will, participate and complete a 4-week commitment of training. The training consist of several components. It begins with providing the participants with information about the resources that Women in Transition in collaboration with other community based professionals offer, including the understanding of what transition is. It continues with personal development, such as examining beliefs, goals, self-esteem and attitudes. In then proceeds with budgeting, situational responses such as internal/external responsibilities, and conflict management. It then leads to preparing individuals to enter the workforce by addressing: appearance, networking, job search, application process, resumes, interview process, follow-ups, and thank you etiquette. The training conclude with a cultural field trip and prize giveaways at the graduation ceremony. Women in Transition strive to empower women to improve their well-being and successfully reintegrate back into the mainstream of life. Please contact us for more information; you will make a positive change in many women’s lives

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