We provide housing referrals, leadership training, employment services, and family reunification support through our network of community based resources.

  • Housing
  • Employment Services
  • Life Skills Training
  • Women’s Leadership Development Academy
  • Bridges to Freedom Prison Re-entry Program ©
  • Mentorship program

Re-Entry Housing Services

Housing is provided per need basis. Must be clean and sober and willing to fulfill all requirements, abide by all rules, and be upstanding by the laws of the State of California and City Ordinances. Re-entry applications are reviewed prior to release on a case-by-case basis and availability.

Bridges To Freedom Prison Re‑Entry Program

Bridges to Freedom is our re-entry program and our community based workshop piece. The program is packed with re-entry tools to help offenders and ex-offenders participate in life changing workshops that are focused on improving the quality of life. On the inside or out, this program is life changing and full of activities that builds strength and confidence to fight the urges of returning to the problems in the past. It helps place the focus on moving forward successfully. The program on the inside and out include 4-12 week workshops given by professionals and volunteers, some attending universities.

A Fresh Start

LA Re-Entry is working to bring resources and information on current events and advocacy work (

Pasadena/Altadena Reintegration Council Monthly Resource Fair

3rd Thursday Of Every Month
A one-stop community resource fair for the formerly incarcerated and their families. Staff and volunteers on hand to help and introduce you to the services and opportunities that you need to know about!

  • Employment and job skills development opportunities
  • G.E.D. enrollment information
  • Tattoo removal referrals
  • Health screenings, testing and dental services referrals
  • Educational/training/resources
  • Substance abuse services/resources

Women’s Leadership Development Academy

The Leadership Development Academy is a 20 day training program designed to help women transition from painstaking life interruptions to employment. It requires that women, at their own will, participate and complete a 4-week commitment of trainings. The trainings consist of several components. It begins with providing the participants with information about the resources that Women in Transition in collaboration with other community based professionals offer, including the understanding of what transition is. It continues with personal development, such as examining beliefs, goals, self-esteem and attitudes. In then proceeds with budgeting, situational responses such as internal/external responsibilities, and conflict management. It then leads to preparing individuals to enter the workforce by addressing: appearance, networking, job search, application process, resumes, interview process, follow-ups, and thank you etiquette. The trainings concludes with a cultural field trip and prize giveaways at the graduation ceremony. Women in Transition strives to empower women to improve their well-being and successfully reintegrate back into the mainstream of life.

The Leadership Development Academy is held twice a year. Please fill out this short form for consideration. We will contact you for the second part of the application by email. We are accepting 15 women ages 18-35 who will commit to 4 weeks of training for 3 days out of a week. This will be an exciting time as we prepare key note facilitators who will participate with us. If you are interested and are in the LA area please enter below and I will put your name on the list to receive an application.